Arguably one of the most essential payment types in the modern world, debit cards give off ease of use and the highest levels of security. These top 5 stunning benefits of debit cards will make you apply for the same on the double.

Popularly known as the “E-cheques”, debit cards first made their appearance around the late 1970s; since then, they have changed the meaning of shopping and ATM withdrawals around the world. When a customer transacts using a debit card, the amount of money to be paid to any concerned party is directly reduced from his/her account. Because of their simplicity and comfort, these cards are fast becoming the first choice for withdrawing money or making payments for account holders in India too.

Explore the benefits of using this impressive mode of payment.

Enormously Convenient

The biggest advantage of a debit card lies in its simple usability options. Since the payment is directly done from the bank account that has your money deposits, the entire process of payment can be done within a few seconds. Overall, the transaction process takes lesser time than that performed via a credit card. In fact, it’s even faster than writing a cheque. Also, with a debit card in hand, you need not worry about having enough money to cover up your expenses!

A Cash Card!

Your debit card would double up as a cash card whenever the need arises. Say, you are buying vegetables, or paying parking fees, and you need cash. Just take your debit card to the nearest ATM and withdraw cash. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds!

Your PIN is your Protection

Debit cards are appropriately protected by a PIN code of four digits. The best part is that it is you who sets the PIN. This PIN is the most essential requirement for making online or offline transactions. It also provides you with the highest levels of protection against theft. In case your card is lost, you can use your PIN (online or via mobile banking) to prevent any unauthorized transactions; with your banker’s help of course!

It’s for Everyone!

There is no special criterion required for owning or using debit cards. You just need to have an account with a registered bank. Nowadays, anyone can open up an account with minimal start-up deposit money. In fact, a debit card is much more convenient to possess than a credit card. This is because you need to have a good credit score and efficient payment records for getting a credit card in your name; which is not the case with the ownership of a debit card.

Debit Card is a Strong Budgeting Tool

One of the most attractive features of debit cards is the way in which it makes you understand your limits for spending. You cannot cross this limit in any manner as you cannot spend more than what you have in your bank account. It helps you from accumulating new debts, unlike credit cards that may make you spend right up to a pre-defined limit or beyond; only to regret later.

So, get your debit card online and say “yes” to exciting ways of shopping and saving!