From offering customized benefits to giving discounts at movies or eating joints/shops, your savings account balance will give you quite a few reasons to cheer.

Are you the holder of a savings bank account with HDFC, Axis Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, or any other leading financial institution in India? If yes, you can enjoy special offers and promotional benefits to make your holdings all the more worthwhile. Take a look at what all is in store for you too!

Discount on lockers: In line with the type of account and minimum quarterly balance (average) chosen by you, you can look forward to grabbing a whopping 15-30 percent discount on your locker fees. In most cases, this offer is for account holders opting for a minimum quarterly balance (average) of Rs 50,000 and above.

Insurance benefits: Whether it is about life insurance that features an accident cover, or other over-the-counter insurance based products, a savings bank account would offer it all. In certain cases, the debit cards linked to such accounts are insured against theft or misuse. The purchase protection clause offered by some accounts ensures reimbursement to a certain limit for misplaced or stolen debit cards as well.

Reduced rates on gold products: If you are interested in investing in gold, then you can enjoy up to 5 per cent discount on the gold coins on sale by certain banks. This benefit is usually extended to privileged customers with large deposits in their accounts,

International debit cards: Planning to go abroad for business? Taking a trip to an exotic foreign destination of your choice? Ask for an international debit card that will be useful for withdrawing cash from ATMs abroad, shopping, or paying for your travel / accommodation bills. You will not be charged for using your international debit card for making such payments.

Easy cash withdrawals: Privileged customers of savings accounts allow for limitless cash withdrawals from the ATMs of other banks. Additionally, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn per day, and at a time from branch ATMs, is also more enhanced for such customers.

Sweep facility: This feature of savings account transfers all funds beyond a certain limit to a fixed deposit. Unlike regular FDs that lock up your amount for a defined period, the money in these fixed deposits can be requested back to the savings account whenever the need arises. Here, the good news is that a higher rate of interest is applicable to the amount held in the fixed deposit (versus the money held in a savings account) for that specific period. This term deposit money can also be withdrawn from ATMs after transferring the amount back to the savings account.

Price benefits: In certain cases, some banks also offer smart benefits like annual fee waivers for demat accounts; reduced charges for demat / trading accounts, etc.

For the others in the family: There is a unique facility of clubbing together the deposits of all family members for allowing access to added benefits.

From education insurance to pre-approved loans and special discounts on online purchases with select merchants, there is no dearth of additional benefits enjoyed by savings bank account holders. Would you not like to be one of them? Apply for a savings bank account online – right away!