Women in India are now making more credit card transactions when compared to their male counterparts. Woman credit cards are helping this cause.

In general, an Indian women’s income has multiplied multifold in the last decade. Diversity hiring intent among multinationals has risen by 500% and researches show that Indian women have been controlling total household consumption at 44%. However, the premium credit cards segment for ‘women only’ is still untapped. And thus, numerous banks in India have launched a wide range of cards to offer a combination of wellness benefits and lifestyle that are solely customized for women.

HDFC Bank Woman’s Credit Cards

In India, HDFC bank has launched Solitaire Premium and Solitaire cards; these cards represent an important milestone for banks in introducing premium credit cards for women. The popular Solitaire Premium credit card is the first premium credit card of the country. The all-women team from HDFC has developed premium credit cards from the scratch so that women can enjoy all they want. Moreover, a fraction of money spent on Solitaire Premium/ Solitaire credit card is contributed to the SOS Children’s Villages for managing the annual education expenses of 60 female children.

Addressing the Needs of Most Women

There has always been a vacuum in the premium credit card segment for Indian women. With the launch of credit cards for women, banks and financial institutions are fulfilling the long-standing need of women pursuing a successful career, or those who are at the forefront of global consumption, or travelling the world.

Advantages of Women Credit Cards

Credit cards for women feature a wide range of benefits including exclusive discounts on female wellness programs and free access to gyms. There are also alluring privileges and benefits like special healthcare privileges, interesting beauty treats, free concierge services, and fabulous shopping deals. The issuers of woman credit cards host promotions and tie ups with merchants who intend to share their profits in the women-targeted market.

The emphasis of credit cards for women lies is in their shopping benefits. Many of these cards also allow for priority invites to fashion shows, access to beauty and makeover workshops, preview of sales for branded items, opening of new fashion boutiques, or hot seasonal sales.

Way Forward

Credit cards celebrating success of women are definitely a way to go. For banks and financial institutions to retain their customers and capture brand loyalty, they have to keep introducing new promotions for attracting the attention span of women.

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