Premium credit cards are gold and platinum cards given to only those users who have an excellent credit score. These cards usually feature incredible perks and higher annual fees.

With all things in life, there are certain things that are not within your cash budget but can be paid for using credit cards. Along with having a good credit score rating and purchasing power, you are probably looking for that little extra; and are willing to pay a premium for securing the additional benefits that such cards bring along with them. This is the sole reason why users like you want to gain premium credit cards for getting the best rates and cheapest deals.

The amount that you will have to pay for enjoying the perks of using a premium credit card will obviously differ from that of regular credit card holders. The more you pay for your premium credit card, the more facilities will come your way. Premium credit cards offer attractive reward schemes, cash back options, air miles, or redeemable points for every penny spent. So, choose the one that you wish to apply for carefully.

Following are some popular premium credit cards available for Indian users:

  1. Platinum Card from American Express
  2. American Express’s Centurion Card is offered to high-net worth individuals. Other users may like to apply for The Platinum Card that costs a fraction of the price levied by the Centurion Card. Amex Platinum credit card holders enjoy a wide range of benefits including airline fee credits annually, complimentary access to 800 airport lounges, Global Entry statement credit, no foreign transactions fees, and much more. Besides, they also get an attractive sign-up bonus!

  3. Citi Prestige Card
  4. The perks offered by the Citi Prestige Card are air travel credit per year, hundreds of VIP lounges through Priority Pass Select, 3x points for air travel, sporting events through Citi Private Pass Beyond, 4th night for any hotel stay, special access to entertainment, and much more. This card also offers a sign-up bonus.

  5. JP Morgan Select
  6. It is a super-exclusive card known as The Palladium; it is offered to only select clients of this financial institution. The perks offered by this card are personalized service 24 hours a day, complimentary primary auto rental coverage, no foreign transaction fees, cancellation insurance and aid for trip delays, cover for lost luggage while travel, etc.

    So, are you ready for these yet significant perks that you will get courtesy your premium credit card? Go for one now!