How do you intend managing your investments in mutual funds? Do you have a smart tracking system in place? Explore smarter means of handling your mutual fund investments with these intelligent online tools.

If you have ever tried to measure the returns from your mutual funds investments without taking the help of any tracking tool, then, in all probability, you have an idea about how frustrating it can be. However, the good news is that there are a number of free tools that can serve your purpose. Yes, there are free online trackers for managing your mutual funds investments. Featuring efficient ways of calculating investment performance and evaluating asset allocations and fees, these instruments are amongst the best tracking tools for your investments in mutual funds.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a popular tracking tool that provides the ability of virtually linking any investment account to its investor. With the help of this tool, all taxable and retirement accounts can be linked on a singular platform. Once the accounts get linked, this tracking tool can efficiently track performance, fees, and the asset allocation of all funds in the reckoning. Personal Capital also features a 401k Fee Analyzer that enables the calculation of fees paid in 401k, and the impact that the fees have upon your time frame of investment.

Tracking Tools of Morningstar

Morningstar provides one of the best tracking tools for mutual fund investments. Once you enter your portfolio, Morningstar efficiently uses its tracking modules for evaluating the investment options. The tools are inclusive of certain basics like performance, index comparison, and costs of investment. Various advanced tracking tools are also used by Morningstar such as X-Ray feature and star ratings. For instance, with the help of its X-Ray tool, you as an investor can see the details of your mutual funds portfolio in an easy and convenient manner.

Budgeting Software

Although Budgeting Software may seem as an odd way of tracking investments, yet, it consists of a number of tools that are designed for tracking your spending habits. The good news is that these tools are capable of evaluating your investments well. The most effective budgeting software that can manage your portfolio is Mint. Owned by Intuit, Mint is a competent online tool that offers you the facility of linking bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards. Once the linking is accomplished, Mint can efficiently track your investments and also the fees involved. Mint comes free of cost, and is the perfect tracking tool for individuals desirous of tracking their investments and savings from a single platform.

Google Finance

Google Finance is a tracking portfolio that is also free of cost for its users. With the aid of this tool, all kinds of portfolios can be uploaded manually in different formats. So, once you enter the details of your investments, then Google performs the requisite tracking activities pertaining to the daily performance of your portfolio. The tracking tool is also inclusive of Google News. Here, Google Finance also provides a performance chart that can be used to review performance ranging from the past few months to up to 10 years. Comparing your portfolio’s performance with a major index, all with the help of a simple click, is definitely possible with the Google Finance tracker.


SigFig is a recently developed tracking tool which offers the smartest online services related to the tracking of your investments in mutual funds and other instruments. SigFig operates by linking all investment accounts present with different financial service providing entities. It is a definite effective online tracker of your investments portfolio, and measures the performance of your mutual funds investments in the best possible way.

Your task of evaluating portfolios performance can be made easier and you can save upon a lot of time with the help of these online trackers. Why don’t you try out their features and services right away?