Reputed stock brokers are perhaps the most important element of your online trading journey. Find out the best 5 stock brokers or brokerage firms to enable your transactions.

Before you select one stock broker for initiating the process of online trading, it is wise to have a look at the services offered by these top 5 stock brokers in India. The following stock brokers would offer you optimum worth for your selected portfolio. While some are popular for their extremely good service quality, others are well known for holding powerful tools of trading.

1. ICICI Direct

Certainly, this is the biggest ever stock broker in the country! ICICI Direct is the first to generate this service and has been serving traders since the year 2000. Integrated with ICICI Bank, it has evolved as the market leader with flair. With top class customer services and user software that are easy and convenient to use, this firm serves you with a high brokerage charge.

2. HDFC Bank

Another full service broker, HDFC Bank, is known to be very effective in providing timely and well-organized online trading services to its clients. Integrating other banking modules, this brokerage institute has gained popularity over the past few years. Similar to ICICI Direct, the demat accounts opened with HDFC also charge high brokerage fees for their prompt services.

3. Karvy

Karvy is a lesser known brokerage firm than the previous two but it has a large customer base. This “no frill” broker provides all clients with immediate access to its office representatives. They have numerous walk-in offices spread all across India. What’s more? Karvy has evolved as one of the largest performers in the IPO market in the country.

4. Zerodha

One of the latest entrants in the stock trading market in India, this brokerage firm has taken over the trading market with a bang. Zerodha possesses a pretty strong structure of competitive brokerage services; but it fails to provide any physical access to an office. Starting from opening an online trading account, to the task of closing one’s account; everything is undertaken on the web. Despite these facts, Zerodha is evolving on the list of best online brokers in India on the basis of clients’ choice.

5. Sharekhan and Indiabulls

These two stock brokers hold the fifth position in our suggested list of top 5 online brokers in India. They are placed somewhere in between discount brokers and full service brokers. The services of these firms are entirely concentrated upon stock broking. They both provide well-organized structures of brokerage and extremely fine customer services.

It is always wise to select a stick broker based on your own criteria. Take your requirements and expectations from the brokerage firms into consideration and go ahead. Whatever you do, be careful about any hidden costs and extra fees on brokerage before signing on the bottom line.

Best of luck.