Travel credit cards offer great opportunities to earn free points that can be redeemed for travelling purposes, hard cash, airfares and hotels.

A travel credit card allows you to enjoy some amazing benefits while you are travelling. These include rewards like free flights, access to exclusive airport lounges, and nights at top-tier hotels. While you are looking out for feature and reward rich travel cards, do ensure that you look beyond shiny signing bonus points and on-going perks only. Of all the travel cards, you must opt for those offering you the following:

  • Costs and fees: The fees should be justified by the rewards and offer benefits that will come to you in return.
  • Flexibility: Credit cards on offer should bring in the maximum opportunities for redeeming a variety of partners, no blackout dates, etc.
  • Added category spending bonus: You should be able to avail smart category spending bonuses on your travel related expenses.
  • A huge-sign up bonus: After you meet the minimum spending requirement, a big sign-up bonus should give your credit card a jump start. Never go for a travel credit card unless it offers high sing-up bonuses. Later on, depending on the type of credit card allotted to you, you may earn up to 1*5x points per rupee spent.
  • Value: The return in rewards per rupee spent should be feasible for your needs.
  • Special Perks: Almost all the travel credit cards offer perks such as special elite loyalty status, transaction fees, free nights, priority boarding, free checked baggage and more. Check the available perks before going for any specific travel credit card of your choice.

Choosing the 5 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Every travel credit card offers a mix of drawbacks and benefits. It would be ideal to pick up the best travel reward cards after adequate research. Following are the best five travel credit cards on offer by leading banks and financial institutions.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Bank Americard Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Discover it Miles
  • Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card

There isn’t any perfect travel card; most of these cards offer advantages that are suitable for different people. In the competition to allure maximum customers, numerous banks and financial institutions have partnered with various travel brands so that their users can enjoy signing-up bonuses, special discounts, loyalty points and more.

Go for the best!