Be it from the point of view of convenience or security, credit cards surely succeed in surpassing wads of bank notes or juggling coins in your wallet. Check out why you should change over to this viable alternative too!

You are attending an off-shore conference and you get a frantic call from your mom from Fortis; your dad has been hospitalized, courtesy a stroke. The first thought that comes to your mind is, “Thank God, she has an add-on American Express credit card credit card!” Here too, your decision to apply for supplementary credit cards for your parents has served to be a good one. Credit cards, oft- referred to as plastic money, provides a dependable option to cash. What’s more? It gives you lucrative returns in the form of rewards and promotional offers or discounts too! Here we throw light on what is a credit card, how the best credit card brings in the best benefits, etc.

Types of Credit Cards Galore

Like all other financial instruments, the world of credit cards can leave you in a daze too. If you are going through the dilemma of choosing the right credit card for your immediate and future needs, then a quick look at the various kinds of credit cards (attributed to leading Indian banks and financial institutions) would help you move forward. Be it from HDFC, Axis Bank, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or any other, there is a wide range of credit cards on the racks. The most popular ones include travel credit cards, fuel credit cards, business credit cards, lifetime- free credit cards, entertainment credit cards, etc – just pick up the one that best aligns with your needs!

Credit Cards with Add-on Facilities

Once you are the proud owner of a credit card, you may like to apply for supplementary or add-on cards that are attached to your primary card. In general, a limited number of add-on cards can be issued for your family members; with the permissible number varying from one bank to the next and as per the nature of the original card!

Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Most credit card related reward programs can be enjoyed by primary as well as add-on card holders; alongside, the other basic benefits are:

  • The can be used for online and offline transactions in India and across its boundaries.
  • Access to cash advances and ATM withdrawal facilities; anytime of the day.
  • Every swipe of a credit card, or its online use, gets reward/ bonus points.
  • Transparent and easy monitoring of all credit card transactions under the same account.
  • Financial freedom for all credit card holders in a family; especially during emergencies.
  • Various online credit card payment facilities help you with timely payments and more reward points.
  • It is very easy to apply for a credit card online.

More about Credit Cards

Your credit card transactions are akin to taking short term loans; with the interest charges being dependent on when you choose to pay for the same. Say, you pay back the borrowed amount within the due date – then, no interest will be levied. On some cards, you may end up getting a grace period of a whopping 30-45 days wherein no interest is levied either. However, in case you choose to pay up less than the outstanding balance, then, interest at a pre-determined rate will be accrued on the average daily balance.

So, are you ready to add a credit card to your wallet? If yes, then we will be delighted to educate you with regards to how credit cards work, why you should opt for specific credit cards, the features of different credit cards, credit card payment modes, online credit card apply methods, best credit card offers etc. Keep visiting this page for more!

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